1. The official Bérard AIT website
A valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about Bérard AIT.

2. Dr. Guy Bérard’s website

3. IDEA Training Centre
A valuable resource for all aspects relating to: Berard AIT, attention deficit disorder, auditory processing disorder, auditory hypersensitivity, dyslexia, learning disabilities, sensory integration disorder, developmental disabilities, and AIT practitioner training. Also pre and post test results.

4. Society for Auditory Intervention Techniques (SAIT)

The Society for Auditory Intervention Techniques (SAIT)
SAIT is a non-profit organization and is located in Salem, Oregon. SAIT distributes information about auditory integration training (AIT) and other auditory-based interventions to professionals and parents.

5. Earducator Ear Training System

6. Learning to Listen USA

7. AIT Institute

8. Georgiana Institute


1. Bérard Auditory Integration Training: Behavior Changes related to Sensory Modulation
Sally S. Brockett, Nancy K. Lawton-Shirley, and Judith Giencke Kimball
Autism Insights 2014:6
Click here to read the paper


1.  Autism Research Institute

2. ADHD Navigation Services
A coaching and activity based service where young adults who have AD/HD find success realizing, relaxing and recreating



1. Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded
Guy Berard, M.D. and Sally Brockett, M.S
Updated  Edition, 2010   (Now available as an E-book)

2. The Sound of a Miracle
Annabel Stehli

3. Dancing in the Rain, Annabel Stehli

4. The Sound of Falling Snow, Annabel Stehli

5.  Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy, D. Davis
Kalko Publishing, 2004.

7.  August 2012. News article on Fox News about Bérard AIT!
This article is very well written and provides very accurate information on autism.