Comments from colleagues and clients.

Sally Brockett, M.S.

Bérard AIT Practitioner and Trainer
President Berard AIT International Society

“I provided AIT for a professional lady who needed to learn multiple languages for her job. She said she did not hear the sounds correctly and could not look at the French word, and associate the correct French sounds with it. During the 10 days, she became excited because she began to make this association and could hear how it was to be pronounced. She gained a lot and was quite well satisfied. She also was thrilled to see a lot of other unrelated gains as well!”

Matt Wood, B.Sc.Eng. 


“After a 10 day course of Audio Integration Training, I experienced marked gains in speech discrimination. Not only am I better able to hear the speech sounds of others (despite ambient noise), I am better at hearing myself. Consequently, I am attending more to my pronunciation and enunciation and find these improving. While never particularly hampered, I do feel more fluent in my expression. I believe these improvements would be beneficial to language learning and feel more confidence in approaching a foreign language.”

Barbara Hartigan, M.S., SLP

Paris, France
Bérard AIT Practitioner and Trainer
ESL Teacher, Hartigan Communication Services

“I have been working in France for many years and most of my Bérard clientele were French ESL learners. Many of my clients learned to speak English because they memorized vocabulary and learned the grammar in school but they were never comfortable speaking and they had great difficulty understanding.
Bérard improves the ability to filter and discriminate sounds including foreign sounds. The results after Bérard were really excellent – most often in the high normal range.
The anecdotal feedback I received (because I worked with these people regularly as an ESL teacher) was incredible, example – for the first time they were able to go to a meeting with Americans and understand what was being said.”
For second language learners – if we don’t hear the sounds correctly we can’t produce them. Better identification of sound means I can then replicate that sound. This worked very well for accent reduction.”

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