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Prepares immigrants to learn English. 


We are excited about the launch of our new focus with Learning to Listen for ESL and look forward to providing immigrants with the opportunity of preparing themselves with a headstart that will contribute towards making their English learning a more successful and fulfilling experience.

We love working with people of all ages.

Karon Shear,
Bérard AIT Practitioner

Founder, Director

My interest in sound based therapy began in 1999 when I trained as a Berard AIT practitioner in Cape Town, South Africa. Since then I have been providing AIT for children and adults covering a wide spectrum of circumstances. While in South Africa I cooperated with schools in their programs. The fascination and delight that I experience when I see the truth behind Dr. Guy Bérard’s words expressed in the title of his book “Hearing Equals Behaviour”, that manifest in the results obtained with my clients, is truly gratifying.

Stan Shear,
Bérard AIT Practitioner, Vancouver


I am by profession an Electrical Engineer (D.Eng.), obtained in South Africa. I am also a musician with a Licentiate in Music. I apply my knowledge and experience to the technical aspects of the business including analyses for the selection of the most suitable music.

I have a well equipped recording studio where I produce podcasts and interviews of interest to inform our clients and the public and to illustrate the efficacy of the technique.

Erin Huang

Chinese Ambassador and Translator

Erin is our Chinese intermediary who acts as  translator and interpreter with Chinese speaking immigrants on our behalf. She also translates and assists in the design of our promotional material.


电话: (604) 700-3962

Debbie Havusha

TESL and Coaching Service

Debbie provides additional coaching sessions that help create an integrated plan of what goals are needed next.
Debbie has worked for over 20 years in the fields of Special Education, ESL and Social Work and is now a trained Life Coach helping individuals to discover and learn more about their grand potentials.
She acts as our advisor on the ESL aspects relating to our AIT technique.
Alexandra Dunnison

Cognitive Consultant

As a cognitive consultant, Alexandra helps people find appropriate neuroplastic techniques, therapies, and programs to increase their abilities and overcome, or greatly improve, learning difficulties and other cognitive processes. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change, structurally and functionally, throughout life, in response to experience. The brain can reorganize and form new connections.

AIT Learning to Listen for ESL
Bérard Auditory Integration Training was originally developed as a means for correcting distortions in the hearing chain – It was discovered that these distortions are a contributory factor in behavioural and learning problems, and many such problems disappeared once these distortions were corrected with a course of AIT.

It has since been discovered that this phenomenon can be extended to improve the absorption of a new language by opening up the ears to the sound of that language…

…and that is how AIT for ESL came about.

AIT offers
a non-intrusive method for improving listening and cognitive skills
AIT enhances opportunities for success in 3 areas

  1. Students and Career Professionals
  2. Personal Development
  3. Learning and Behavioural Challenges

  • BETTER Listening skills
  • BETTER Auditory comprehension
  • BETTER Concentration & focus
  • BETTER Academic progress
  • BETTER Cognition
  • BETTER Articulation
  • BETTER Communication
  • BETTER Confidence
  • BETTER Vocal Intensity (loudness)
  • BETTER short/long-term memory of spoken words
  • LESS  Distracted by noise

Communicate with confidence.

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