Ait2listenKaron is devoted to her work, to help clients learn how to better UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY HEAR

Welcome to our blog on Auditory Integration Training (AIT)

We plan to present blogs and podcasts on a regular basis to keep you informed of the latest news in the world of AIT, through Interviews, Case Studies and all applications of AIT.

The world of AIT is developing rapidly as new discoveries are being made in the field of hearing, and its influence on the correct interpretation of what you are hearing, and we are maintaining a constant vigil of the latest developments.

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我们非常荣耀地宣布创建我们的公司,LEARNING TO LISTEN 它提供一种方式来帮助新移民快速并进步学习英文的体验。


现在的影音报告并解释了我们的科技,AIT, 听力进步训练科技,我们计划经由部落格和影音来让您得知更多的资讯和最新新闻在AIT和ESL的世界。




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