AIT Learning to Listen – for ESL

Prepares immigrants of all ages to learn English. Bérard AIT can have an important impact on both learning and speaking a language. 

A whole new world opens when listening and learning switch on.
Learning English is a challenge that may be helped with a course of auditory integration training.

Common Improvements …

  • BETTER Listening skills
  • BETTER Auditory comprehension
  • BETTER Concentration & focus
  • BETTER Academic progress
  • BETTER Cognition
  • BETTER Articulation
  • BETTER Communication
  • BETTER Confidence
  • BETTER Vocal Intensity (loudness)
  • BETTER short/long-term memory of spoken words
  • LESS  Distracted by noise

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AIT Learning to Listen – for ESL

How does your life improve with better English listening skills?

Be more confident

Make new friends

Get a better job

Feel integrated


Hearing equals Behavior

AIT offers a non-intrusive method for improving listening and cognitive skills.

Offers improvement for immigrants of all ages who are struggling with learning English.
Some immigrants have challenges learning English that may be helped with a course of auditory integration training.

AIT was originally developed as a means for correcting distortions in the hearing chain – It was discovered that these distortions are a contributory factor in behavioural and learning problems, and many such problems disappeared once these distortions were corrected with a course of AIT.

It has since been discovered that this phenomenon can be extended to improve the absorption of a new language by opening up the ears to the sound of that language…

…and that is what AIT for ESL is all about.

Who Benefits from our program?

  • Anybody who wants to improve English
  • Anybody with learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, CAPD, and conditions within  Autism Spectrum Disorder. Significantly positive results have been achieved in self-confidence, communication and a better understanding of the environment.

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Please visit our original website where you will find information related to behavioural and learning problems related to deficiencies in the hearing mechanism.

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