About Us

Karon and Stan have been involved in Auditory Integration Training (AIT) since 1998, when they qualified as Bérard AIT Practitioners. Karon received her certificate personally from Dr. Guy Bérard when she attended the International Congress of Bérard Practitioners in Antwerp in 1999. Karon was also a member of the Executive of Autism Western Cape in South Africa.

Stan is by profession an Electrical Engineer who holds a doctorate in engineering and is also a musician, and his technical and musical background are invaluable to his role in their AIT practice.

Stan and Karon started their AIT practice in Cape Town, South Africa as associates to Khymberleigh Herwill, who is now resident in California, USA. They practice under the banner of “Learning to Listen” working within a wide spectrum of behavioral condition including ADD, ADHD, and Autism, and have cooperated with schools in their ASD and ADD programs.

We love working with people of all ages, and providing a contribution to making their lives more meaningful and exciting, and invite you to read the testimonials that we have included in our site.